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About PowerShot Soccer - The Ultimate Soccer Card Game

PowerShot Soccer is the exciting new action-packed two-player soccer strategy card game that captures all the thrills and excitement of the real game. Easy to pick up, but impossible to put down, the object of the game is to score goals while your opponent tries to stop you from scoring. With PowerShot Soccer’s perfect mix of adrenalin-pumping action, skill and chance, the excitement never lets up.  It’s the same soccer you love, but not as you know it.

Non-stop action, anytime, anyplace! Bring your favourite World Cup soccer teams to victory. There are 10 different teams in all, with each PowerShot Soccer deck reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of the actual teams. Brazil dazzles with their superb dribbling and powerful strikeforce; England scores with their pinpoint passes and sublime skills in crossing the ball; while Italy boasts a stellar defence with their strong interception abilities.

Why PowerShot Soccer is hot!
  • PowerShot Soccer has already been proven to be a success! In initial launch sales in Singapore, the game sold more than 3,000 decks in less than 3 months. In a one day in-store demo session, more than 100 decks were sold!

  • It is highly appealing to soccer fans and these make up a huge demographic around the world. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world!

  • PowerShot Soccer rides on the soccer fever and publicity generated from a packed calendar of international soccer year on year. This ranges from friendly matches to major soccer tournaments like the World Cup and the Euro, Copa América, CONCACAF Gold Cup and Asian Nations Cup. From when the qualifying stages start up till the knockout stages, the global exposure to soccer is never-ending!

  • In test sessions, PowerShot Soccer has been found to appeal to a wide range of age groups, from kids as young as 8 to adults. The feedback has been that the game is fun and exciting.

  • PowerShot Soccer has a low barrier to learning especially when compared to many of the popular games played by kids today. Typically the game can be understood in less than 5 minutes.

  • PowerShot Soccer has long-term appeal because the 10 teams in PowerShot Soccer were designed to closely reflect the team characteristics and attributes of the actual teams. With each team having different strengths and weaknesses, consumers will want to buy more than one team.

  • There is a plethora of marketing materials available to distributors of PowerShot Soccer. We have ready to use Press Releases, Standees, Racks, Posters and a Television Commercial. Check out the PowerShot Soccer Ad that was broadcast in Singapore from 18 May to 11 June Here

  • One vital marketing component of PowerShot Soccer is the website for the game http://www.PowerShotSoccer.com. It offers membership to PowerShot FC and besides giving members a chance to win a free deck of PowerShot Soccer, members are also given updates on the latest happenings and product offerings.

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